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Dancing Warrior Yoga

Yogi Finds a Good Home

Jo_HewI found Dancing Warrior Yoga through Australian Yoga Life magazine – advert for various yoga schools that offer teacher training. Then I went online & did my own research and came to a few classes. I ended up doing a teacher training course through DWY and my personal practice has grown in more ways than I imagined.

I really like the community feel and focus of DWY. It is more of a boutique-like yoga studio so it’s more intimate and the teachers tend to know most of the students by name. The location’s great as it’s close to a train station and there’s plenty of street parking. Nice cafes and coffee nearby too.

To me, what really sets DWY apart from other schools is the strong focus on adjustment and alignment. In my opinion (and having been to many different classes/schools/teachers), Matt is the ultimate technician when it comes to alignment and embodiment of asanas. And I’m glad the other DWY teachers have incorporated this into their classes too with an emphasis on alignment and safety. The teachers are all very warm, friendly and eager to assist.

Since discovering Dancing Warrior Yoga, I’ve completed my yoga teacher training there, and continue with regular class visits, and my own yoga practice has grown immensely. I only wish I discovered the school a lot earlier! I feel like all aspects of my yoga practice (physical poses, breath work and meditation) have deepened in a relatively short period (about 1 year) compared to 5+ years practicing elsewhere. I’ve also made some dear friends. I am so much more committed to my practice and to yoga in general!