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Yoga Teacher Training Machine out of Control!

An email from a stranger – 

“Just curious as to how you can train a competent yoga teacher in just nine weeks?
I trained for 3.5 years, 16 years ago and still learning.
The Yoga Teacher Training machine is in stoppable now!
Thousands of half trained ( or less ) teachers hitting the streets every year.”
Thank you,
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Sent via iPhone On 29 Sep 2015, at 6:01 pm

Hello …….
Thanks for your email and the concerns you raised.
I agree – times have changed in the last 5-10 years regarding yoga teacher training. I too spent 5 years training with my primary teachers to complete a 500 hour plus teacher training program. I gave up counting my teaching hours once I reached the 10.000 mark to become qualified as a senior teacher with the Alliance.

The expression “the horse has already bolted” resonated in my ears for the past 10 years regarding the concerns you raised. It was another 8 years before I decided I could contribute something to this new and evolving market place.

The reason I commenced hosting a 200 hour training program was to make sure that I could somehow influence this domain and the ever increasing interest yoga has in contemporary culture. My own 20 years of yoga practice was built upon the early contemporary Australian yoga pioneers such as Eileen Hall, Shandor Remete, Sue Ellen Kohler, Simon Borg Oliver, Bianca Machliss and Donna Farhi.

As presented on our teacher training page (see below link) we clearly state that 200 hours is the beginning of an ongoing relationship with a teacher or school that has the capacity to last for years. This relationship should develop and deepen over time allowing students to evolve as an apprentice under the watchful eyes of a senior teacher.

We mention 200 hours is equivalent to earning your yoga ‘L plates’, and that your learning has only just begun. We also mention to choose a yoga school with a high quality further education curriculum to continue developing yoga studies.

At some stage in the not to distant future I imagine that the Australian Government will recognise that it needs to regulate the yoga industry like they have with other health professions. In the mean time I am educating teachers to offer the general public safe yoga practices and only teach postures at a general level.

A parting thought worthy of consideration – it’s the general public who ultimately choose what teacher is best suited to educate them about yoga.

Thank you
Mathew Bergan