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Yoga healed my back!

Ashton Roskill handstandWe love our diverse community of yogis from all walks of life. Meet Ashton who lives around the corner from us in St Peters. Ashton came to yoga after suffering a spinal injury. He could hardly bend forward when he first came to the studio, now he’s one of our strongest and most flexible students!


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How long have you been practicing yoga and how regularly on average do you practice? 

I started yoga almost a year ago, and have been trying to make at least two or three practices a week.
What first bought you to yoga?

I prolapsed a disc in my back really badly in late September last year, and once I was able to walk, the only exercise my chiro allowed me was swimming and yoga, so I asked Matt if I could join a beginners class at Dancing Warrior.
Before your first yoga class were there any preconceptions you had about yoga that had prevented you from attending a class previously?

I had heard a lot of mixed stories, particularly around some of the more extreme forms of yoga (e.g. Bikram) but some great things over the years about Hatha. I had been meaning to find a studio for several years, so this was the shove I needed to get into it.
Can you describe your first yoga class experience?

The first class (and quite a few after that) was quite revealing and personally challenging – I knew I was very inflexible, but I had no idea just how stiff I was, nor how much strength I had lost in the six weeks I had been immobile. So the first four or five weeks were hard work as I got used to a completely new form of exercise and mental challenge. I loved the fact that the classes were specifically focused on newbies, and the detail of explanation around alignment and balance was excellent. At that time of the year the heat was quite oppressive, but otherwise we just got on with learning and gradually I became a little bit more flexible, and my strength started to return.

Did you have any injuries or illness when you attended your first yoga class?

Yes, I had the residual stiffness and weakness caused by having a prolapsed disc six weeks earlier.

What benefits have you experienced from a regular yoga practice?

Mentally it has helped to enhance my meditation, and physically it has transformed my recovery from the back injury. I have practiced meditation for about twenty years, and yoga certainly assists in furthering the benefits from that.

I can’t speak highly enough for the benefits it derives, the fun it engenders, and the sense of wellbeing that follows every yoga class; I would particularly encourage those who have either not taken the plunge, or have tried elsewhere and not necessarily found it so enjoyable, to try Dancing Warrior – they are the best!!



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