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Dancing Warrior Yoga

Yin and Sound Healing Workshop

Summer Yin and Sound Workshop with Barbara Courtille

9th November 3.00-5.00pm
$50 investment
Limited to 12 participants

Summer is the most yang time of the year when we soak up the upward solar energy which is stimulating and exciting. There are many things to honour and appreciate about our Sun’s energetic boost, however we must be careful not to overwork and overheat our bodies.

In this workshop you are invited to prepare yourself for the upcoming summer season. You will be guided to slow down, cool down and to regulate the flow of chi throughout the physical, energetic and mental body. The intention is to soothe and surrender to the inner joy of the heart. The Yin practice will be combined with healing sounds to restore you back into balance and harmony.

In this workshop we will let go of the mind’s worries and surrender to the grounding practice of Yin yoga and to the vibrational energy of the Crystal bowls.  Sound healing has an array of benefits that evoke healing, enhance meditation, support relaxation and stress relief, and restore chakra balance.

More about Yin Yoga:
Yin Yoga is a powerful passive style of yoga stemming from the Tao tradition designed to work on the deeper connective fascia tissue and the joints in the body. The poses are held for longer periods to allow time for the stressing of the fascia and to nurture the joints. This prolonged pressure results in more flexibility and fluidity in the body.

Yin Yoga is informed by the insights of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with its emphasis on meridian lines and chi flow through the organs of the body. In TCM the human body is seen as a miniature reflection of nature and the cosmos.

More about Sound Healing:
Sound Healing embodies the vibrations of the Crystal healing bowls. Vibrations facilitate a shift in our brainwave state to heighten positive vibrational energy. Sound Healing has an array of benefits that evoke healing, enhance and support meditation, relaxation, stress relief, well being and restore chakra balance.

Crystal Healing Bowls