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Dancing Warrior Yoga

White Fella, Black Fella, Every kind of Fella

Australia Day or Invasion Day?  ……insert your meaning here.

We hope you get to sit back and enjoy some chill time with friends and family this long weekend, throw a tofu burger on the BBQ, etc, however, like all sweet things, there is a flip side.

For some, there is bitterness and anger around the significance of this date. Its hard to feel pride for our country when we don’t yet recognise, or take pride in our indigenous culture, one of the oldest and wisest cultures on the planet.

Dancing Warrior Yoga lovingly and respectfully borrows from the wisdom of ancient INDIAN culture, that provides you and I and the World, with the gift of YOGA.

Dancing Warrior Yoga pays respect this long weekend to our first nations culture, for providing us with the beauty of this land, for caring for its flora and fauna at the time of Invasion, for infusing the soil with spirit, wisdom and magic.

Dancing Warrior Yoga pays RESPECT to Australian ABORIGINAL culture, and all global ancient wisdom that is held by teachers, elders and peacemakers, (past and present). May we all get to share in the magic and wisdom that comes with the beauty of ancient culture.

Respect and CHANGE is coming.

Mathew Bergan