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Dancing Warrior Yoga


How is Dancing Warrior Different?

We are a boutique yoga studio located in the unique and creative Inner West suburb of St Peter’s. We have been in operation since 2000 and located in St Peter’s since 2007. We believe well-being is achieved by nurturing the physical, emotional, mental and internal self. We are passionate about using the power of community to support one another through transformation and have created a unique space where every body (and bodytype) is welcome.

“The school allows you to be yourself – whoever that is, fat, small, broken, tall – you can find a home there. There is a pose for everyone, a version for us all. ” Rachel Lindsay – Dancing Warrior Yoga student.

To us, yoga is an expression of modern living, and a perfect tool and lifestyle to help counteract the negative effects of over-work and over-stimulation.

We create strong and lean muscles through dynamic held postures to purify the body from toxins, pacify the mind through conscious breathing and then quietly return the body to a state of blissful surrender. Our yoga is good for the body and soul promoting health, balance and harmony.

“Yoga is not just an exercise system but a philosophy for healthy and happy living” – Mathew Bergan founder.

Why a yoga studio rather than my local ‘gym yoga’?

Recently the yoga market has become saturated with gyms offering ‘yoga classes’ that are little more than a series of aerobic exercises and stretching. Authentic yoga uses a trilogy of bodywork (asana), breathing (pranayama) and meditation to transform the body and mind. Our teachers have all studied under Mathew Bergan who shares 25 years of yoga experience in Australia and abroad.

At Dancing Warrior Yoga we are passionate about maintaining the integrity of yoga and preventing the ‘dumbing down’ of this ancient practice.

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