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Dancing Warrior Yoga

Teacher Training Testimonials

Michelle Alexander – I really don’t like chairs!
The course definitely met and exceeded all of my expectations. There was a lot of content and the days were long, but I didn’t find it overwhelming and felt great about coming to class everyday. The course structure was laid out with enough time for discussions, questions, and fun.

 I never felt too tired or strained by the practical exercises, and found that the practical helped to keep me energised during the long days. It was great breaking up the asana throughout the day so the day was a mixture of practical and theory. I don’t think I will ever stop learning about yoga and yoga related topics!

Study time outside of the class was approx 1 hour per night.

 The handbook was extremely helpful throughout the course as well as being a great reference tool during study and now that the course is finished. The content in the book is amazing.

 My understanding of the eight limbs and the spiritual side of yoga has definitely deepened. I also now have a far more in depth understanding of the anatomy / alignment of the asanas – I know understand the why, not just the how.

 I felt that the selection of teachers and content was amazing. Each of the teachers brought in offered a new perspective and really showed their passion through the presentation of their topics. I can’t think of anything that would have improved the teaching – each teacher was different and presented in their own way which was nice as they really stuck to their teaching style rather than trying to fit into a model provided to them.

 I was a little uncomfortable in the first week without a chair – but now I really don’t like chairs!

 I have started to teach friends and am looking forward to starting to teach classes. I am nervous about teaching but I know I just need to start and the nerves will subside and I will find my own rhythm. The course was life changing and was the best thing that I could have done. I have the most humbling appreciation for my teachers and their knowledge. I loved the atmosphere and approach and felt that the teaching genuinely came from the heart. I have every intention of recommending the program to anyone interested as I feel that there would be very few teachers out there who could provide such a nurturing and informative experience.

 Clare Lovelace – I’m ready to jump!
The course surpassed all my expectations! The intimacy of the course and the chance for philosophical discussion surpassed any expectations I had.

 When I signed up I  was under no illusions about the commitment needed. I studied on average 2 – 3 hours per day including reading. I enjoyed the studying aspect and it really helped to cement the concepts in my memory. 

 I found the handbook useful and easy to use. It provided structure to lectures and was and continues to be an invaluable research and learning tool.

 I now have a solid grasp on the history and philosophy behind yoga and with that comes a deeper appreciation for the tradition and the confidence to teach others what I have learned. I feel much more aware of my physical body within my own practice and this has led to improved concentration throughout meditation and a greater connection between body, mind and breath. My increased knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body means I’m more aware of the benefits of yoga, which again leads to an even greater appreciation that I hope to pass on to my students. I now see yoga as something we are, rather than something we do.

 I think there was a good balance between practical and theory. Matt was skilled at sensing the energy levels in the room and altering the schedule accordingly. The asana sessions with Matt were extremely beneficial to my practice and I’m very grateful for all the one to one teaching. I found observing Matt’s evening classes very beneficial. He suggested we take notes during these classes and the notes have been very useful as a teaching resource.

The level of tuition was very high. Matt is a fantastic teacher and has a unique and highly effective way of imparting knowledge. His teachings will stay with me for a very long time. I also really enjoyed the variety and expertise of guest tutors.

I honestly didn’t find the days that long, I think ensuring a good mix of asana and practical, especially in the afternoons when energy levels are low is a good idea. I really liked the impromptu dancing and singing – very good for energy and morale!!

 I’m ready to jump! I have already been teaching my friends. I know I have a lot to learn but I think the way to learn is by DOING IT! I’m hugely grateful to Matt for the opportunity to teach at Dancing Warrior.

 The course felt so luxurious to dedicate all that time and energy to something that is so nurturing for my entire being. I felt a deep connection with the traditional teachings and these have infiltrated into my day to day life and are making me a happier, more balanced person. My asana has improved immensely and so has my confidence. I am determined to master postures I find challenging using hard work, dedication and practice and I can now apply this concept this to other areas of my life and conquer my fears! The amount of knowledge I’ve gained in such a short time is truly staggering and I’m confident that this course is the foundation not only of a successful yoga career but a happier and more fulfilled life.

 Jax Cave – literally terrifying, sink or swim!
Reflecting on the course now, I feel much more competent as a teacher than I thought I would be after a 200 hour course. I expected to gain knowledge, but not to feel 100% comfortable being able to lead a class. I feel 100 times more competent in my own body, as well as dealing with other bodies. And more confident being able to help others, give advice, show them alternate ways to practise yoga.

 I also have taken a lot of the ‘theory’ (8 limbs) that I learnt, that I had no idea about pre the course, into my daily life which is literally invaluable. I loved the amount of Asana/assisting/teaching to others involved, I found it very hands on. Which I think is the best way to start being able to confidently instruct. I think we had to instruct Sun Salutes the very first weekend, which was literally terrifying, but the best way to be thrown in. Sink or swim!

Dancing Warrior Yoga’s 200 hour teaching course is a brilliant and cohesive programme that will prepare even the most timid of Yogi’s to jump into the teaching world. DWY has built my confidence and skill set to a greater level, as well as really benefitted my personal practise – without losing a sense of humour!

DWY teaching approach is very ‘hands on’, literally. You will be thrown in the deep end in the most positive of ways, and nurtured and supported into becoming the best teacher you can be. This studio was a very honest, open – minded, encouraging, friendly, remarkable community to develop teaching skills in.

If you are planning to open your own studio, try teaching your friends, or simply deepen your own practise, this course covers everything for you. You will meet the most amazing teachers, and fellow students who will become your friends, mentors and guides along the way.

Anonymous yogi – claiming my existence.
The course was suited to my lifestyle and allowed time outside to integrate the knowledge. My awareness of yoga has deepened heaps, and it is wonderful. I am starting to feel that I can regulate my own practice, that I can stretch out timing and add or remove style and postures to suit my needs. The learning has given me the understanding, awareness and vocabulary and grammar of yoga postures that allows me to better understand my body. It is an important journey of claiming my existence, and has been a real wonderful beginning.

 I explored the way my body learns and how I can use my will and mind to challenge my body to redefine itself and broaden the way it is aware and moves. I also challenged myself through the teaching, which I was reluctant of, and found many interesting little hang ups and stuff that holds me back in all sorts of ways in life. I also found strength and joy in the fact that I am more aware of my body – it’s a wonderful feeling.

 Lee Wilson – It made me think about myself as a person.
I was surprised at the breadth of the material covered in the course. I don’t think I really understood what would be involved in undertaking the course. I have a greater understanding of the history, and sheer breadth of it as a practice that embraces philosophy, physiology and science. I had a taste of what it feels like to practice yoga, including asana and meditation, in a more intense way for longer periods. There was a resultant feel for what that does to my well-being. I experienced a very steep learning curve that has left me wanting to learn a whole lot more.

The level of tuition was outstanding. The guest teachers added other perspectives and gave the course solid integrity. Mathew’s presence and passion to share his knowledge was generous and highly informative.

The course was exciting and challenging on many levels; as a student, as a teacher and as a yogi. It made me think about myself as a person and how I operate in the world. It has given me some new tools to take on board when I am working with groups both as a workshop leader or working with a performance ensemble. I am inspired to practice more yoga, to go in deeper. It was galvanizing to study along with others and share the experience of yoga on a deeper level, aside from simply doing a class with others. It’s interesting that studying yoga teaching becomes a deeper personal inquiry on many levels.

 Jo Hew – boutique like yoga studio, more intimate.
I found the Dancing Warrior Yoga through Australian Yoga Life magazine – advert for various yoga schools that offer teacher training. Then I went online & did my own research and came to a few classes. Ended up doing a teacher training course through DWY and my personal practice has grown in more ways than I imagined.

I really like the community feel and focus of DWY. It is more of a boutique-like yoga studio so it’s more intimate and the teachers tend to know most of the students by name. The location’s great as it’s close to a train station and there’s plenty of street parking. Nice cafes and coffee nearby too.

To me, what really sets DWY apart from other schools is the strong focus on adjustment and alignment. In my opinion (and having been to many different classes/schools/teachers), Matt is the ultimate technician when it comes to alignment and embodiment of asanas. And I’m glad the other DWY teachers have incorporated this into their classes too with an emphasis on alignment and safety. The teachers are all very warm, friendly and eager to assist.

Since discovering Dancing Warrior Yoga, I’ve completed my yoga teacher training there, and continue with regular class visits, and my own yoga practice has grown immensely. I only wish I discovered the school a lot earlier! I feel like all aspects of my yoga practice (physical poses, breath work and meditation) have deepened in a relatively short period (about 1 year) compared to 5+ years practicing elsewhere. I’ve also made some dear friends. I am so much more committed to my practice and to yoga in general!