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Welcome to the first of a mini-blog series straight from the yoga-school classroom. We interviewed all of our current 200 hour teacher trainees who are a few weeks into their 3 month journey towards becoming qualified yoga teachers.

yoga teacher training sydney newtownToday we meet Brookelyn Harrison from Sydney’s North Shore.

Hi Brooke! Tell us, what inspired you to do your Yoga teacher training?

Yoga Teacher Training is something I have wanted to do for several years but the timing hadn’t been right for me until now. I was inspired since the first time I stepped onto my mat, and I am glad it took me years of contemplation and self exploration before making the move to learn to teach so that I am able to share my experiences with my future students. Many of my current and prior teachers have been and still are huge inspirations to me and have set an example for how I truly want to live a more fulfilled life both in and outside of the studio. 

What was it about Mathew Bergan and Dancing Warrior Yoga that attracted you to our program?

Prior to choosing to study with Dancing Warrior Yoga, I had done quite a lot of research into other schools and thought about what I really wanted to get out of the course. 
Matthew has been helpful and genuine since the first day I phoned him with my long list of questions and I quickly came to realise Dancing Warrior was the school I definitely wanted to begin my journey with. 
Matthew provides plenty of information prior to the course and the course outline is thorough and covers off each topic in detail. The 3 month course is intense although the fortnightly commitment is manageable for those working full time who are willing to commit to practice and study in between the weekend classes. 

Can you briefly describe your experiences from your Teacher Training journey thus far?

So far the Yoga Teacher Training journey has been a rewarding experience. I have already begun to learn things about myself and my own personal practise I wouldn’t have been able to discover in any other capacity. 
Matthew is a wonderful inspiration and his teaching method is both influential and always enjoyable. I look forward to our training weekends as we progress as student teachers and while we get more comfortable in each other’s presence, we begin to see the unique characteristics each of us will bring to our future teaching. 

What are your plans after teacher training?

Ultimately I would like to get stuck into teaching locally (on the Northern Beaches) once I complete the course. I would also like to broaden my teaching skills by taking part in additional training and workshops that will help me to progress my own practise. I have big dreams for the future of where I would like to take my yoga teaching, but this is just the beginning yet and I know I have a lot more work to do before I can make any major future plans 🙂 

Thanks Brooke! Stay tuned for the next mini-blog from Laila…. If you are interested in deepening your enquiry into yoga or becoming a teacher Click here to find out more


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