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Dancing Warrior Yoga

Prepare to be aroused!

Our beautiful friend GabeGabe at the finish line! Bonney cycled across Cambodia last year raising vital funds for UNICEF. She is speaking at our ‘Arousal Lounge’ on Saturday 21st May 2.30pm – 4.00pm as part of our free birthday celebrations. Here is a little teaser of what to expect!

“On a rainy Sunday morning in May 2014 I sat at my kitchen table staring into a bowl of soggy Cornflakes – feeling truly sorry for myself and stewing in my first-world problems. I can’t remember the cause of my woes that day, but it was clearly something only a middle-class, privileged, first-world white girl would be moaning to herself about.

When suddenly into my in-box popped an email I had never seen the likes of before. It asked me to do something. Something BIG. Something I never imagined myself doing. For a cause. A REAL one. It involved revolutions and sweat. It involved asking people for money. It involved getting off my big ol’ middle-class white ass and making a change.

I didn’t know when I hit the reply button on that email how that little action would change my life. But I decided in that moment that the only way I could get off myself was by stepping into someone else’s third-world shoes for a while and seeing what would happen. I didn’t know what impact my actions would have. I didn’t know if I could do what I was being asked to do. But I was willing to give it a red-hot go.

If yoga means ‘union’ and we’re all trying, on our own little patch of dirt, to achieve some sense of unity between body and mind, how do we achieve this in an overwhelming world? When our in-boxes are being flooded on a daily basis with cries for help, for donations, for signatures, for actions, from a myriad of humanitarian orgs aiding persecuted refugees, helpless animals and trafficked children, how do we avoid being numbed to the point of total apathy?

How do we propel our physical bodies into action when our minds are constantly bombarded with ‘the ask’ from every single organisation we’ve ever liked on Facebook or received a newsletter from?

How do we believe, as a teeny tiny individual in a world of 7.4 billion people, we could ever actually make a difference? I don’t know the answers to these questions. I don’t think there are definitive ones. But I do know that from little things big things grow. And that the ripple effects of a tiny little skipping stone can be endless.”

Gabe Bonney

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