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Dancing Warrior Yoga

Birthday Party Photos

Dancing Warrior YogaDancing Warrior Yoga turned 10 May 21st-22nd!  For 10 years of service we returned the love and gave back to Sydney heaps of goodness including a whole weekend of FREE yoga classes, massage, performances, inspirational speakers, dancing, sumptuous food local craft beer and tasty Kombucha.






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SUYRA – Show US Your Radical Asana

This event was the jewel in the crown. 5 amazing yoga teachers each performed an inspiring and heart felt yoga solo. Everyone was a winner on the night however there were 2 performers that swept the audiences breath away with their creative sequencing and skill- Kevin Privett and Lars Skalman. We were also enjoyed Classical Indian dance by David D’Silva and an awe inspiring Persian yoga routine by Kashi.

Arousal Lounge: Lubrication for the Mind!

Dangerous ideas, revolutionary thinking and stimulating discussion

This event was a mini version of the famous Ted Talks whereby participants were given 10 minutes to present their ideas on the following themes:

  1. Evolving or de-volving ancient wisdom through the lens of authenticity or Kitsch appropriation?
  1. How do you express your authentic voice with integrity within the framework of the yoga/wellbeing industry.
  1. What is your legacy:
    • How do you create a meaningful life?
    • What does your future look like 10 years from now?
    • How might your contribution to society be valued and remembered?
      Speakers were:
    • Kate Peterson
    • Brook Mc Carthy
    • Patrick Mac Cartney
    • Pauline Lockie
    • Gabrielle Bonney

Read here to learn more about what our arousing speaker had to say

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