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Our Tribe raises $1100 for Nepal!



dancing warrior yoga event

On Friday 21st June a bunch of like minded yogis who want to change the world got together at our cosy St Peters studio and raised over $1100 for the Nepal Relief Effort. Our wonderful friend and student Gabe Bonney has beautifully put into words her experience of the evening.

“The Nepal Fundraiser embodied everything I love about Dancing Warrior (without the yoga!) – a vibrant sense of community, a coming-together of like-minded individuals who care about their bodies and their minds. But most importantly it represented to me a group of people who clearly have a sense of how, both individually and as a group, we can have a significant positive impact in the world. We can look beyond the boundaries of our own privileged backyards to those in the world less fortunate, less blessed than us.

At Movie, Munch and Mingle we ate incredible Nepalese food, drank delicious sticky chai, learned about the dynamic movement making a huge difference all around the globe – Off the Mat and Into the World – and watched a moving and profound film, Yoga Is. The movie has stayed with me and I often think about it – I was particularly struck by how ALL the yogis, no matter what age they were or what type of yoga they practised were all absolutely glowing! They all had this radiant serenity about them – the kind that makes you think: “I want what they’re having!!”

There’s an open-heartedness about events like these that I just love. Dancing Warrior hosted an event for me in September last year – Vinyasa, Vino & Vinyl – for my UNICEF Cambodia cycling challenge. Similarly, the DW community embraced that event too, led by the indefatigable Mat and Clare, and raised $1,000 to help get me to Cambodia to ride across the country in aid of Cambodian children and their families.

To borrow a title from an Australian song we all love – From Little Things Big Things Grow. I’ve always believed that one small act of generosity, one act of kindness, can have ripple effects that go on and on, way beyond the people in your life. People and communities we don’t know, who we’ve never met, will be affected by that one act. You can bet your life on it. Imagine all the rippling goodness that has come out of Movie, Munch and Mingle, raising both money for, and awareness of, the people in Nepal and what they are going through right now.

We don’t live in a bubble, though we often convince ourselves we do. We are citizens of the world – all of us – and as such we have global responsibility to positively impact this planet we call home. Yay for Dancing Warrior and the community of excellent people it has gathered around its sweet, cosy, welcoming studio in bustling ol St Peters! ”


Gabe Bonney

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the event and our sponsors, Sticky Chai, Two Chaps, T-Totaler, Healthy Home Cafe, End of King, Union Crafts. You guys rock!

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