Dancing Warrior Yoga

Meet our passionate, diverse and highly skilled team of teachers.

Lucy Rimmer

Lucy has always been a bit of a mover. Originally from the UK, she trained as a dancer and a gymnast in her younger years, and was never happier than when she was expressing herself through movement. She loved to choreograph crazy dances with friends in the school playground and put on shows for anyone who would watch.

However it was her love of art and design that she followed as a career path, first as a photographer and then as an architect, often entwining the two together. It wasn’t until she moved to London in 2007, as an architect, that she was introduced to yoga properly. Here she fell in love with the strong yet graceful practice of Dharma Mitra yoga under the teachings of Mark Kan. She found the practice exhilarating, creative and intensely challenging and saw the practice as an active form of meditation which helped support her in her daily life.

With the feeling that there was more to life, Lucy left the UK to go travelling in 2011 and immersed myself in yoga for 3 months in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was here that she discovered the transformative effects that yoga could have on a person. Continuing to travel, she landed in Sydney and decided to stay and make it her home.

Lucy completed her 200hr teacher training here at Dancing Warrior in 2016 and is close to completing her 350hr teacher training. Her recent discovery of yin yoga has also led her to complete her 75hr yin teacher training.

Lucy is passionate about intelligent movement, drawing influence from her dance background. Lucy’s classes are dynamic and creative, with each movement flowing into the next. Her fluid, smooth style aims to help students to let go and work towards creating a moving meditation.

Rachelle Gibson

yoga newtownRachelle is a Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher and brings a wealth of Yoga knowledge to her teaching, informed by the study of the traditional teachings of Hatha Vinyasa, Ashtanga yoga styles and mindfulness meditation which she has been exploring for over 20 years.

Rachelle teaches the open level Embodiment & Flow class at Dancing Warrior Yoga on Sunday mornings. She brings an engaging and enthusiastic energy to her classes. Rachelle leads you on a fun and challenging journey from mindfulness meditation, building to a strong heating practice through to calming floor postures with a solid foundation of functional anatomy. Rachelle is passionate about helping students to cultivate mindfulness and awakening the mind-body connection in their practice.
Rachelle completed her 200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and 70 hours Advanced Hatha Yoga Mentorship program at the Dancing Warrior Yoga School with its Founder, Mathew Bergen in 2014.

Bianca Sheedy

Bianca is a devoted yoga teacher and her mission is to inspire and aid people to restore balance, happiness and joy in their lives. Bianca is also a Reiki Practitioner, a Sound Healer, a Meditation teacher and is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. Bianca is currently registered at the RYT200 hour level with Yoga Alliance Australia and completed her 200 hour teacher training with Mathew Bergan at Dancing Warrior Yoga. Bianca is deeply passionate about holistic health and believes that the demand of life can create an internal fire that often needs soothing and this can be supported through yoga. Her classes are engaging, creative and dynamic with the intention to create a safe space where students are able to implement mindfulness and embody connection every time they step onto the mat.


Clare Lovelace


RYT350+ experienced teacher with Yoga Alliance Australia.

Clare’s yoga journey began in 2010 on a beach in Byron Bay under the guidance of Mariana De Castro (Swasthya lineage). Her practice, which began as a purely physical pursuit to balance out her often chaotic lifestyle, has evolved into a ‘toolkit for life’ that is with her always.

Clare believes that yoga does not just take place on the mat but intertwines with every element of our lives. Her practice has taught me that genuine happiness is not based on external conditions but can be achieved by living simply and mindfully with generosity and compassion. This is a philosophy that she wants to share with the world. Clare is currently registered at the 350 hour experienced level with Yoga Alliance Australia. She completed her 200 hour teacher training in March 2014 with Mathew Bergan at Dancing Warrior Yoga. She continued to study with Mathew – completing a further 150 hour advanced teacher training by December 2014. Clare has also completed 50 hours of Chakra Sequencing and 50 hours of Ayuvedic Sequencing with Jasmine Tarkeshi (Laughing Lotus Flow). She completed a Yin/Yang advanced teacher training with Sarah Powers (Insight Yoga) and has also trained extensively with Donna Farhi. Clare is skilled in teaching various styles of yoga including Hatha- Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative. Clare manages Dancing Warrior Yoga and coordinates the 200 and 150 hour teacher training programs as well as teaching modules on Meditation, Yin and Yoga Philosophy. She teaches regular yoga classes as well as one-to-one yoga, corporate yoga and yoga therapy for drug and alcohol rehabilitation patients. Clare has a background in community development and is passionate about lending her skills to various not-for-profit organisations.


Amanda Tuckerman

Amanda is a trained 200 hour yoga teacher and is nearing the end of her 350hr yoga teacher training. All her teacher training has been done at Dancing Warrior under Matthew Bergan and Clare Lovelace.  She is also a trained nutritionist and Reiki 1 healer.
She is passionate about helping others clear away the blocks that are preventing them from seeing the truth of what they really are. She believes that every person has magnificence inside of them and loves the way that yoga allows a window to this inner core for anyone who is wanting to find it. Her favourite part of yoga teaching is seeing the transformation of students from where they were at the beginning of the class to the glow and lightness that is evident at the end of the class. She loves taking the students in her classes on a yoga journey that leaves them feeling invigorated, refreshed and connected. She is passionate about teaching students how to make the most of their practice whilst in class, however also believes that the heart of yoga is how it is utilized in everyday life and everyday situations.
Amanda is passionate about creating a sacred space in all of her classes that allows the students the safety and the time to get to know themselves on a deeper level each time they step onto the mat.


John Cusack

backbend-john-cusackJohn completed his yoga teacher training at Dancing Warrior Yoga in 2013. John’s classes are a lyrical flowing form of yoga open to all levels of yoga experience. In his classes you will stretch, strengthen and tone the body and then sooth the soul with some gentle meditation. Flowing yoga generates heat throughout the body and allows for deeper range of motion and purification.









Mathew Bergan


Mathew Bergan is the founder of Dancing Warrior Yoga. He enjoyed a professional career in dance and choreography throughout the eighties and nineties and then discovered Hatha yoga in 1990. Mathew completed Anatomy, Physiology and Teacher Training with Yoga Synergy between 1998 and 2003.

Mathew commenced Hatha yoga with renowned Australian teacher Shandor Remete in 1989. He has been teaching yoga since 1990, and set up Dancing Warrior Yoga school in 2003. He has a background in contemporary dance and choreography and previously worked as a Sports Masseur, writer and film maker. He also has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.15.41 amMathew says, “I am always delighted how yoga can be the glue that brings together peoples divergent professional backgrounds, providing them with a new platform to express their spiritual self ”.

Mathew trained with Shri K Pattabhi Jois,  (Ashtanga Yoga), Simon Borg Olivier & Bianca Machliss (Yoga Synergy), Shandor Remete (Shadow Yoga), Eileen Hall (Yoga Moves) and Donna Farhi (teacher and author).

Mathew has also attended master workshops with Trevor Tangye, Richard Freeman, Emma Balnaves, Geeta Iyengar, TKV Desikachar, Simon Borg Oliver and Jasmin Takeshi. Mathew also studied Hatha yoga in India with Clive Sheridan. 

A holder of an Advanced Diploma in Sports Massage, Mathew integrates into all of his teachings his knowledge of the body learned through 30 years of inquiry into human movement forms including yoga, martial art, Qigong, dance and Alexander technique. Mathew has devised a style for those that have yoga on their mind and movement in their bones. His style fuses the kinetic qualities of movement with the muscular/skeletal foundations of Hatha yoga and conscious breathing.

Mathew is best known for his unique ability to help students embody their evolving spiritual yoga practice with grace and mindfulness while highlighting a sense of happiness and personal well being as the eventual goal of the practice.



 Olivia Pigeot


Olivia PigeotOlivia was introduced to yoga whilst studying at NIDA in 1995. It became a large part of her pre-performance warm ups (body & voice), as well as a way to connect with the body for character development . After finishing her degree she sought to gain a deeper understanding of yoga with a short course in Ashtanga. She totally fell in love with the way it made her feel – physically, mentally, emotionally. After a very serious back injury in 2000, it was a regular & gentle yoga practice which aided her healing immensely. Over the years Olivia has tried many forms of yoga, & also studied various forms of meditation, with teachers including Gita Bellin. In 2015 Olivia completed her 200 Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at Dancing Warrior Yoga & recently completed the Advanced Hatha Yoga Mentorship, both under the expert guidance of Mathew Bergan. She also teaches Kids & Family Yoga & has recently studied Yin Yoga with Sarah Owen. Olivia’s classes are a balanced combination of dynamic standing poses & cooling floor poses, finishing with a mindful meditation. Her focus is on alignment, the breath-mind connection & body awareness – with the aim of cultivating a deeper understanding of our true nature.



Tara Hordern


I started my yoga journey a few years ago with Dancing Warrior purely for physical improvement. I thought yoga could help me gain some much needed flexibility for my martial arts, which I had been practicing for the large majority of my life. I had little hope that my multiple physical ailments would find some kind of relief as well. Working as a hairdresser for just under ten years had takena severe toll on my body.

Not only did I start to find unbelievable change in my physical health, but I discovered a whole side of this ancient practice that I had no idea existed. Yoga has made its way into nearly every aspect of my current life in the most wonderful ways. I have finally discovered a healthy coping mechanism and the will to prioritise my well-being. I see this practice as a life skill and knowing I get the opportunity to pass down these skills to my community brings me immeasurable amounts of joy.
I have recently completed my 200 hour teacher training course with Dancing Warrior and plan to partake in me next 150 hours next semester. I’m aware that I have only started to scratch the surface with my teaching career but I absolutely can’t wait to continue my education on this endless path of yoga.


Barbara Courtille

Barbara has been practicing yoga for 20 years and has delved into several traditions during that time. Through Iyengar yoga she found alignment and discipline, at Jivamukti yoga she discovered the breath and devotion, Yin yoga showed her acceptance and letting go, and through Vinyasa yoga she is able to express flow and creativity.
Barbara completed her yoga teacher training at Dancing Warrior Yoga and feels a great sense of gratitude towards all her teachers for guiding her to pursue yoga as a way of life.
Barbara is an artist and her work is strong influenced by yoga philosophy, feminine power and ancient wisdom. You can view her art at yoginithreads.com