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Enjoy unlimited yoga from the comfort of your own home/office/garden/private beach

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Would you like to practice more yoga but cant find the time to get to class? Sign up now for Dancing Warrior Yoga Movie Club! Once you’ve signed up please email to receive your confirmation code

Join our Movie Club for an exclusive launch price of $25 for 1 months unlimited access to a wide range of yoga sequences from your favourite teachers designed to suit every ability. Within our library you will find a selection of premium yoga movies shot at our Sydney yoga studio.

Videos include a delicious Yin sequence to nourish the Kidneys, Dynamic, Creative sun salutes perfect for a morning wake-up call, a juicy 1 hour class to stretch and strengthen the entire body, 5 minute dynamic warm up and much more.

There are sequences to suit even the most time poor! Sign up online today by following this link to Mind Body Online.

From there, select BUY CLASSES. You will then be taken to the PRODUCT tab where you simply select BUY NOW. Once you’ve completed your purchase you will receive an email from Dancing Warrior HQ with a secret password to access your online videos. Once you’ve signed up please email to receive your confirmation code

**Please note your unlimited month commences from when you first receive the password,  NOT from when you first access the video.