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Online Yoga Classes with Matt Bergan

Online Yoga with Matt Bergan

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Embodiment and Flow yoga classes with Matt every Wednesday & Saturday

Class costs
$15.50 single class
(not including Eventbrite booking fee)

Join Matt on the yoga mat, in various online locations on the East coast of Australia. Together, we will explore a daily theme in the form of Satsang – philosophy for the living, Hatha vinyasa yoga to strengthen your physical body and meditation to calm and soothe the monkey mind. And complimentary shenanigans (:

When you make a purchase to a class an email is sent to me informing of your attendance. You will receive an email with the ZOOM invite several hours before class. This link will allow you to log in to the session. Please make sure you purchase your class no more than 30 minutes before the commencement of the class, as you may not receive the log in details in time for the practice session.

We look forward to seeing you on ZOOM real soon.

Don’t have ZOOM?

Covit-19 isolation is forcing everyone to spend more time with Self. From a spiritual perspective, this is transformational GOLD. We now have at our feet time to reflect on Self, time to deepen our connection to our tribe and family, time to connect with Mother Earth. Been too BUSY is no longer a valid lifestyle excuse. The time is now to find the Buddha beneath the bullshit of our personal baggage and recalibrate and redefine human nature.

Through the practice of yoga, dance, philosophy, meditation, conscious relaxation,(to name a few) we will experience what yogis call the Anandamaya kosha – the bliss body. Anandamaya encompasses not just the feeling of bliss, but rather, the experience of bliss as a living breathing embodied lifestyle expression. You will learn how to embody bliss and cultivate a steady state of being, no matter what your external circumstance maybe.

Urban spiritualism with Matt will teach you ways to reset the mind and body, and recalibrate the Self through the art of PRACTICE.

Join the Bliss tribe.
See you in the cloud baby.

Matt xxx