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New year – new intentions by Clare Lovelace

clare flowers hya2016 was a rollercoaster – raw, exciting, unpredictable, challenging, joyful, calm and chaotic all at once.

Now is the time to consolidate. It’s been the year of change. Change is disruptive but also necessary. This year shook the foundations of everything I believed. It encouraged me to dig down to the core of any self-limiting beliefs and grasp them from the spiky roots. This process was not always pleasant but it was imperative to my growth. At times I felt overwhelmed by too much activity, too many commitments, scattered and un-focused.

There’s a word in Sanskrit – Samskara which means repeating our patterns or habits again and again until we are ready to learn from them. I’ve often found myself trapped in a cycle of longing, intense joy/excitement followed by sadness when my expectations weren’t realised. 2016 forced me to come head to head with my ‘Samskaras’

The most important lesson I’ve learned this year is to ask ‘is this coming from a place of love or a place of shame’. If I have the insight, presence and space to pause and ask myself that before taking any action, the action will lead me further along my path, rather than push me off with force.

I’ve learnt that to integrate these teachings in a meaningful way I need to give myself the space. For me, this means time alone in nature. My intention for 2017 is to commit to regular ‘time-out’ so I can be of the most service in this world that needs so much healing, so much love.


Written by Clare Lovelace