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Natasha King

yoga teacher training sydney newtownNatasha is currently working towards her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification here at Dancing Warrior HQ. Read more about her journey here. Our next 200 hour training course commences August 6th, there are still a few spots remaining! If you are interested in learning more, follow this link or call Mathew on 0413 738 684.


Hi Natasha! It’s great to have you on board. Tell us, what inspired you to delve deeper into your yoga practice with a 200 hour certified training?

My clients were looking for their next step forward as their health and wellbeing improved and queried with me constantly about what I did for exercise. I always said ‘yoga’ and they said so when can you start showing us that. With the sudden need, and the journey of healing I had with yoga, I knew instructing would be a great fit.
Over the last 5 years, yoga has taught me so many things. From learning how to move my body and support it safely to quietening my mind and letting go of the everyday stresses that wore me out.
I truly belief I wouldn’t have achieved half the things I have today if I didn’t discover and enjoy yoga on a regular basis.

What was it about Mathew and Dancing Warrior Yoga that led you to choose us?

Being out of the area, it only took one class at Dancing Warrior Yoga to realise Matthew’s skill and unique teaching would be the perfect fit for my yoga teaching training.

Can you describe your experiences from your Teacher Training journey so far? 

I’m by far being pushed beyond my comfort zone, yet I feel absolutely supported. Matthew is undoubtedly dedicated to qualifying knowledgable and experienced teachers, I feel like i’ve learnt to walk yoga again-the right way!

What are your plans after teacher training (having no plan is also an excellent plan!!)

I plan to incorporate yoga teaching as an additional therapeutic and healing modality that I will include in my work as an integrative health coach and future Complementary Medical Practitioner. And who knows, I may run a few group classes along the way too! I look forward to seeing what develops as the time passes.

Thank you Natasha! Keep checking in to hear more from our wonderful teacher trainees. Find out more about our successful teacher training program here

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