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Dancing Warrior Yoga

Musings from the mat – Krista Frazier

We asked our wonderful teachers what is in store for them in 2017. Krista shares her intentions. You can practice Embodiment & Flow with Krista every Monday 10.00am – 11.15am.

“What I love the most about teaching yoga is the connection and community that is created from a practice that can literally alter the direction of our lives. Yoga teaches us how to observe and focus, how to let go and how to accept where we are in each and every moment – even when the moments are painful. It’s not something we learn once and are forever changed, it’s a daily practice that we have to return to again and again. The community and support that yoga provides is what makes the practice so beautiful. For me, 2017 is all about continuing to develop a deeper sense of community within my life and my classes. When we are a part of a great community, it gives us the motivation and strength to stay committed to our practice. When we stay committed to our practice, we give our mind and body the strength and openness’s they needs to reach our goals and find a deeper sense of fulfilment.”

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