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Dancing Warrior Yoga


with Mathew Bergan (10 hours)

Mathew Bergan

Receive guidance, advice and support from senior teacher Mathew Bergan, with 25 years teaching experience on and off the yoga mat.

This 10 hour module is part of our 150hour (level 2 program). We ask that you have completed a 200 hour program prior to enrolment.

This mentoring module allows you the benefit of 5 mentoring sessions with Mathew Bergan.

Cost: $450

There are no set start dates as the program is tailored to the teachers timetable.
This mentoring module allows you the benefit of 4 online mentoring sessions of 45 mins each with Mathew Bergan as well as one  face to face attendance at one of your own classes you may already be teaching.
You will learn:
  • The art of posture modification
  • Alignment and assist refreshers
  • Anatomy and physiology refreshers
  • How best to work with students injuries
  • Quick and effective ways to keep up your own yoga practice
  • How to best manage teaching multiple yoga classes and the dreaded demise of your own yoga practice
  • How to set up your own yoga classes or a yoga business
  • How to manage difficult or challenging students, situations and class circumstances
  • How to stand out and excel in an already crowded market place
  • How to find your teaching niche and develop your skills in this arena
  • General Q&A on any subject that you may be experiencing during your own classes
You will have the opportunity to ask Mathew any questions that relates to your own teaching experience.
If you are already teaching classes, Mathew will attend one of your local classes and provide you feedback on ways to strengthen any areas that may need consideration.  You will also be asked to complete personal journaling exercises relating to your class experiences.

This module maybe delivered as a one to one program or via a group learning environment, depending upon enrolment numbers.