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Melanie Campbell – Teacher Trainee Profile

The lovely Melanie is currently training to become a 200 hour registered yoga teacher here at Dancing Warrior. Read all about her journey below! If you are interested in deepening your practice or learning the tools needed to become an inspiring and successful teacher learn more about our next 200 hour program starting in August. We have a free seminar on Sunday 22nd May 1.15pm – 2.15pm – come along and say hi!

What inspired you to do your Yoga teacher training?

I love all the good things yoga has brought into my life. My yoga practice brings me strength, relaxation and a clear mind. It’s the times when you don’t feel like going to class (too tired, stressed, busy) that you need it the most. I always feel so much better afterwards. I want to be able to share that feeling with other people through teaching.

Also, I’ve met lots of people who are curious about trying yoga but feel they aren’t fit or flexible enough. It would be great to help them discover that yoga is for everyone. It doesn’t matter about your size, shape, background or age. There is no judgement on the mat. Just be kind to yourself and give it a go.



2) What was it about Mathew and Dancing Warrior Yoga that led you to choose us?

I spent about eight months researching yoga schools but hadn’t found one that felt quite right until I discovered Dancing Warrior Yoga. The DWY website had lots of helpful information which answered many of my questions and offered free seminars. Attending the seminar was a great opportunity to meet Mathew face to face and ask any additional questions. Mathew was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and encouraging. He placed lots of emphasis on refining teaching skills which really appealed to me. The program sounded like a good balance of theory and practical work. It was also the style of yoga I wanted (Hatha with a modern day approach), a manageable schedule (alternate weekends) and there were opportunities for further training after the initial 200 hours. A few days later I went to my first class with Mathew at DWY. I really enjoyed the class and the atmosphere at the studio.

3) Can you briefly describe your experiences from your Teacher Training journey thus far? 


I am loving my teacher training journey at DWY. It is both a physical and mental challenge, taking me out of my comfort zone but somehow I feel comfortable with that. Mathew creates a very supportive environment. He motivates us to work hard while also making it fun. I feel good working towards something I’m passionate about. I’ve learnt how to project my voice, break down poses for teaching and the steps to build interesting class sequences. Teacher training has changed the way I think about things. I feel relaxed and focused and can talk to people with a renewed confidence. Highlights would be Jeff’s yoga philosophy and an unexpected group dance session with Mathew to get us all moving after concentrating on anatomy theory for the day. I have learnt lots already and I know there is still so much more to learn. I’m really looking forward to it all!


4) What are your plans after teacher training (having no plan is also an excellent plan!!).

I’m planning to complete further training so I can achieve 350 hrs. I want to learn as much as I can! My goal is to start a yoga business in my local area of Balmain offering small group classes (max 8 -10 people) and one to one programs. This is to appeal to people who want to try yoga but aren’t comfortable attending a large studio. Another idea I have is to introduce yoga classes to local businesses to help people improve their mental focus. My husband is an artist so maybe I could also develop a Yoga for Artists program. So many ideas…