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Dancing Warrior Yoga

Laila Hachem

Laila HachemThis week we meet the lovely Laila from Cronulla.


What inspired you to do your Yoga teacher training?
I have been practising yoga for many years.  I have visited may studios and have been given so may  different instructions. For my own practice, I wanted to learn what is right and wrong.

Yoga is not just about  asanas. There  are many books out there on the Origins of Yoga.  To be truthful I find them difficult to understand. Rather than become more confused, I decided to go to  “ yoga school”.

What was it about Mathew and Dancing Warrior Yoga that led you to choose us?
Firstly, Mathew’s teacher training was every second weekend. I need to maintain a  life work balance I knew that I would be able to commit to teacher training every other weekend.
After Mathews interview I started attending his classes. The studio and fellow devotees were nice. Someone always smiled at me and said hello! Apart from that, Mathew is  “tuned in”  with how people may be feeling:hard day at the office, oppressive heat that we have had.

He respects your wishes to pull back and when you need that “push”, will play the  beating drums to get you going,  but always IF you want to.  Its fun!

Fellow students are nice, as a new person at the studio many of my different “yoga  matt neighbours” would whisper with a smile “ other side”.

Can you briefly describe your experiences from your Teacher Training journey thus far?

I will admit the first weekend I was apprehensive .  I made a commitment to do this training  so backing out was not an option. As a Mother you have to practice what you preach!

Its good to be “ out of your comfort zone”, because you learn about yourself. Its not  important to have a perfect pose, but have good alignment. You may never be able to get into a pose due to your body shape, doing some of that pose  is still benefiting you.  I really look forward to every other weekend of Teacher Training. I have been surprised at how difficult it is to try and talk and do a pose at the same time!  The lowlight was yesterday when we practised mirroring. I was a disaster, I am  laughing, thinking about my effort while i am writing this.

What are your plans after teacher training (having no plan is also an excellent plan!!).

I am thinking about retirement and to be able to teach seniors “yoga”, a couple of  classes each week would be wonderful.  I have always been a “busy” person, this would allow me to maintain equilibrium once I give up my day time job.