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Dancing Warrior Yoga


Frequently asked Questions

Want to turn your yoga hobby into a career?

If you are an experienced yoga practitioner, a corporate refugee or a personal trainer wanting to upgrade and diversify your skills, our course has something for you! We ask that you have been practicing yoga recently and regularly for more than 2 years. Some of our recent graduates have come on board with 15 years yoga experience behind them, others with 2 years experience. We recommend coming into the course with a clear intention of what niche market your new skills will serve.  The good news is that we only offer 15 student placements, this translates as more personal focus and attention to meet your learning needs.

What is Dancing Warrior Yoga’s understanding of modern yoga?

We are in the midst of a yoga revolution. Yoga is a living tradition, evolving to fit the needs of over-worked and over-stimulated urban-dwelling people. Our curriculum is based on authentic Indian practices but transported into Western physical science for modern day living. After all, if you cannot make yoga teachings relevant to the needs of modern people, how will you be an effective teacher? We believe, yoga is an expression of modern living, and a perfect tool and lifestyle to counteract the sometimes-disastrous effects of an over worked and over stimulated contemporary urban culture.

What makes our teacher training different to all the other yoga schools?

Our course draws from all eight limbs of the 5000-year Hatha yoga tradition. This is beautifully communicated by a teaching faculty of 8 staff, all highly experienced and passionate teachers with backgrounds in:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Media
  • Marketing and communications
  • Sanskrit
  • Human movement
  • The arts
  • Healing
  • Nutrition
  • Yoga asana and more

What is our Style of Yoga?

Dancing Warrior Yoga style is classical Hatha yoga with a vinyasa backbone. Our style offers breath-synchronised movement from one pose to another to create internal heat and purification in the body. We are not a hot yoga studio, and believe when yoga is practiced correctly, the body should automatically move toxins and body waste out through stimulating all the organs of the body. As well as our vinyasa style, we also practice yin and restorative yoga to balance the parasympathetic nervous system and restore the body back to it’s natural resting state. Our restorative bodywork is influenced by Donna Farhi yogini, scholar, teacher.

Who is Mathew Bergan?

Head teacher Mathew Bergan (RYT 1500 Yoga Alliance AustraliaGold, Yoga Australia -Senior) has been practicing yoga since 1989 and teaching since 1993. He draws upon a rich Hatha yoga body of experience, and borrows from traditions such as Iyengar, which offers firm body alignment principles, Astanga, for its fluidity, strength and grace, and restorative yoga, for its rich support of the body’s internal organs and subtle sheaths. Mathew is best known for his unique ability to help students understand their own unique physiology, and to embody their evolving spiritual yoga practice with grace and mindfulness, while highlighting a sense of happiness and personal well being as the eventual goal of the practice.