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Dancing Warrior Yoga

Embodied Queer Spirit

Birds of a Feather flock together…….

When: Sunday 21st February
Time: 10.00am-1.00pm
Cost: $55
Bookings required: Book here

Venue: Yananda Sydney Studios
C2 Dalgety Square Commercial Suites, 372 Wattle Street, Ultimo

Embodied Queer Spirit is a fearless dive into the muscle tissue of the queer body and a playful exploration into queer Spiritual awakening.

Using sound healing, dance instruction, yoga, breathwork and physical ritual, EQS will open your heart and body up to new ways of being and seeing, as we peel away our male story, exploring toxic and positive notions of masculine culture, with the ultimate goal being to celebrate our difference, our Queer and Homo essence.

Together, we will channel the deepest resources of our queer masculine superpowers by tapping into the raw stuff that informs our Spirit. Through somatic enquiry, we will uncover some of the ways we have consciously and unconsciously armoured ourselves with limiting self-beliefs, born out of fear and shame navigating survival in a hetero normative society.

If you are missing dancing and feeling uncertain about the present state of the World and how the Covid Age is affecting your dreams and aspirations, then this workshop is for you. You don’t have to be a dancer to attend, we believe everyone can shape shift their bodies and enjoy their own form of physical and spiritual expression. All we ask from you is to be open to rediscovering your authentic Queer Spirit through movement, storytelling, listening, group work, breathwork, sound healing and meditation. This is a clothed event – you can wear whatever lets your true colours soar – mankini, warpaint, full leathers, lycra thong (:

Facilitators are:

Gavin Walburgh is conscious dancer, urban yogi, documentary editor and filmmaker, and queer spirit. His passions are yoga, dance, filmmaking, spirituality and “Art darling…. always Art” he says. He has an insatiable curiosity for learning about everything, especially the depths of human understanding and the unique wisdom that comes from a queer experience. He is a yoga teacher, Body Electric practitioner and active member of the Naked Man community. Gav is a regular meditator and personal development enthusiast.

Mathew Bergan is a yoga teacher and somatic therapist residing in Sydney. He is the Director of Dancing Warrior Yoga teacher training academy and former contemporary dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, queer artist, masseur, and professional misfit. For the past 35 years, Mathew has been rolling around on studio floors inside dance and yoga venues, stretching and moving his body, contemplating the nature of human movement and existence, as well as queer sexuality and spirituality. In 2020 Mathew presented Queer Sound Healing with DJ Jonny Seymour to the Naked Man community and has taken this project to the bosom of Berlins Queer Community, at the Stretch Festival, (word up to the Naked Man facilitators for this conscious gift). Mathew is heaps excited to be teaming up with his favourite rebel and queer Brother/Sister Gavin Walburgh, for Embodied Queer Spirit.

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Embodied Queer Spirit is a new initiative that Bergan & Walburgh have birthed that arose from the shared desire to give back to the queer community, they say, “as gay men in our early 50’s, we wish to share our own stories, wisdom and survival and if we can, be a role model for younger queer folk contemplating their journey into self-awareness. We promise to provide an experience that is celebratory, contemplative and embodied that brings you home to yourself……your Queer Spirit. The invitation is to take that out and into the World, into your lives, your sexuality, your relationships, your dreams and passions.”




Yananda Studio Ultimo 80 square metres of delux space