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Dancing Shiva Returns Home

Dancing Shiva Returns

Dancing Shiva Says Thank You Australia

Today’s news announced that Tony Abbot’s visit to India has produced one amazing outcome besides the on-selling of Australian Yellow Cake uranium.  That is the return return of the 900 year old Dancing Shiva that was stolen in 2008.

The  Dancing Shiva was statue bought by Canberra’s National Gallery for $US5 million ($5.4 million) in 2008 from Anish Kapoor, who is on trial in India for looting and wanted in the US for masterminding large-scale antiquities smuggling.

Some months back Matt Bergan wrote a blog about the Dancing Shiva being returned to India and what this artefact means to him and many yogis around the world.

Shiva’s return has been an ongoing legal battle between The Australian National Gallery and the Indian Government. Unfortunately this day of victory arrives almost 6 years too late. We recognise the importance of this event, and we all should keep in mind the significance of sacred artefacts remaining out of the reach of Black Market opportunists.

Om Namah Shivaya


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