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Dancing Warrior Yoga

Sound Bath Healing with Crystal Bowls

Yin Yoga & Sound Healing Immersion with Barbara Courtille – SOLD OUT!

Saturday, 28th September 3.00-5.00pm
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This is the latest form of spiritual bliss taking over stressed out Sydney siders – better than any Netflix release….

Yin & Sound

As spring approaches those aspects of us that have been dormant over the winter months begin to awaken. Just as nature enters a cycle of renewal, growth and expansion, we too are given the opportunity to make a conscious choices to begin anew.

In Yin yoga the element for Spring is Wood, the emotions are anger and forgiveness and we focus on are the liver and gallbladder meridians.

This immersive Yin and Sound Healing workshop is designed to bring you optimum physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual wellbeing so that you can fully embrace the expansion that Spring offers.

Enjoy an evening of diving deep into the fascia tissues, releasing toxins, finding your centre, slowing down and relaxing the nervous system with healing sound.

More about Yin Yoga:Yin Yoga is a powerful passive style of yoga stemming from the Tao tradition designed to work on the deeper connective fascia tissue and the joints in the body. The poses are held for longer periods to allow time for the stressing of the fascia and to nurture the joints. This prolonged pressure results in more flexibility and fluidity in the body.

Yin Yoga is informed by the insights of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with its emphasis on meridian lines and chi flow through the organs of the body. In TCM the human body is seen as a miniature reflection of nature and the cosmos.

More about Sound Healing:
Sound Healing embodies the vibrations of Crystal healing bowls. Vibrations facilitate a shift in our brainwave state to heighten energy and healing. Sound Healing has an array of benefits that evoke healing, enhance and supporting meditation, relaxation, stress relief, well being and restoring chakra balance.

Warning – side effects may include: a feeling of calm in the mind, a feeling of peace in the heart and a feeling of divine connection to all that is.

Tibetan Healing Bowls