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Dancing Warrior Yoga

Corporate Yoga


The research is out – yoga is known to improve concentration and workplace productivity!

We offer qualified and experienced yoga instructors to run classes and workshops in your workplace throughout Sydney.

Yoga is a pro-active and low-cost way of building and retaining an efficient, healthy and happy workforce. It also demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace

We have been conducting corporate yoga in Sydney since 2000 and we are proud to say that some of these original classes are still running today!

Our corporate yoga peacefully yet powerfully transforms the mind and body through Hatha yoga — an ancient Indian science that is quietly changing the body, heart and soul of our modern age. Our yoga safely and gently balances the body and mind through the energy of motion and the heart of self realisation. We create strong and lean muscles through dynamic held postures that help to purify the body from toxins, pacify the mind through conscious breathing and then quietly return the body to a state of blissful surrender.

Our clients have found a significant reduction in common workplace ailments such as RSI, spine and joint discomfort, fatigue, stress and anxiety.

What do I do next?

We are able to hold classes at a range of times throughout the day to suit your busy schedule. Classes range from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

  • We require the commitment of  an 8-week yoga term.
  • If the staff are paying directly we require a minimum of 8 participants.
  • If the program is to be paid by the employer the course is priced at a fixed hourly rate.
  • Many businesses choose to share costs between staff and the organisation.
  • To hold a class we require a safe and quiet environment such as a board or meeting room.
  • We request you nominate a yoga facilitator responsible for liaison between Dancing Warrior Yoga and your organisation.

We can provide infographics which can be printed, circulated and placed on your notice boards to gauge interest from staff. To obtain this information please contact us.


“I slept like a baby!
“It was good to know what the different positions are for, what benefit on the body.
“I liked the way Mathew showed us  the beginner, medium and advanced postures, it gives us something to strive to.
“I like that he corrected me”. – Group feedback from Karen URSYS

“I feel an incredible lightness and calm after class that is with me for sometime after” — Robyn Webster, ABC

“It’s fun, I feel it, but it feels good”
“It gives me a little more energy for the week.”
“I hate exercise, but this is really good, not to full on, not too “out there”
“This is a really most positive thing a company can do for its staff, a study must show definite benefits to staff and business?”
“ I think I want to do more” Group feedback from Michael.

“My concentration levels have improved and I now practice mindful breathing at my desk”. – Michael Topp. ABC

“I now know specific stretching exercises to include in my morning fitness routine”Stephen McKenzie, Cancer Council

“Mathew makes me laugh while we get the work done. Its always fun during class and not too formal, but I always feel it the next day” – Richard Curr, Cancer Council.

“Mat is an inspirational teacher, whose sense of humour, inventiveness and often irreverence is like a breath of air!” Gail Boscero, ABC