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Dancing Warrior Yoga


I Survived Yoga Teacher Training at Dancing Warrior Yoga

The publicity said: “join us for the ride of your life -it was a crazy, inspiring and transformational journey I shall never forget!” read more

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Send Shiva Home

Today my meditation practice is dark, disturbed and corrupted. My yoga practice is fractured, my heart broken, and there is no dance left within my spirit. read more

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Urban warrior wonders

What I see on my “commute” to the studio each morning. There is never a dull moment walking through May Lane – StPeter’s. I love seeing the regular street art evolve and the spray styles change. I think there is some kind of unspoken rule that allows artist to cover up someone else’s artwork. Sometimes […]

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Is yoga teaching a legitimate profession?

“Is teaching yoga what you do for work,” a student asked, “or do you have a real job?” This thorny question in my side, which I get asked quite regularly, was the topic of my recent article for Elephant Journal. Check it out! Photo: Barry Silver

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