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Dancing Warrior Yoga

Calm Mind Meditation Workshop

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.

Explore Meditation & Deepen Your Practice

with Barbara Courtille

Sunday 28th October
3 PM – 5 P

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self confidence, so that’s very important for good health” – Dalai Lama

Meditation takes on many forms but at its root it is a simple practice, simple but not easy. Like all yogic practices, it is experiential and needs to be practiced on a regular basis.

The more we practice meditation, the more we are able to witness its benefits in our daily lives. There are many ways to approach meditation and this workshop is designed to encourage participants to try various methods and find what works best for the individual.

This workshop will explore 3 different ways to meditate:

1. Pancha Kosha meditation – we peel through the different layers of the body starting from the outer physical body and gently moving towards our blissful centre.

2. Chakra meditation – focusing on the energetic body, this is a guided meditation which includes visualisation and chanting.

3. Yoga Nidra – this guided body scan practice known as yogic sleep brings us into a deep relaxed state.

Suitable for all levels.