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Baptism By Fire – email form Bethany Norman 200 hour graduate

BethanyThis is a recent email from Bethany Norman a recent 200 hour teacher training graduate.

I wanted to let you know that my teaching is going well. When I got back to Southampton (U.K) in August and went back to work I found that yoga classes had started at the hospital. I got in touch with the teacher and offered to be a cover teacher for her, which I did a couple of times. Then not long later she told me that she was going back to Germany and I could take over teaching the classes, incredible! So I have been teaching regularly since November, 2 classes a week, and I have also reduced my hours in my ‘real’ job so I have more time to devote to yoga, and well, just to enjoy life a bit more.

I never thought that it would all happen so easily, do you remember that I said during the course that I wanted to go back and teach yoga to the staff at the hospital? And then, that is exactly what has happened, it’s amazing. Well, it’s not all plain sailing yet. Student numbers are still low, a couple of times I have had only one student turn up. So, I’ve been doing a bit of marketing, as per what Brook Mc Carthy taught us (posters weren’t so successful, but having a blurb in the staff briefing email seems much more so), and plan this month to get myself on social media, so I’m hoping for a few more students in the coming months to make holding the classes worthwhile for me (although, the regular teaching experience has been invaluable).

The course book is like my bible, I am constantly dipping into it for inspiration or clarification. And I am still teaching the Dancing Warrior Yoga sequence, I hope you understand how helpful it is to have that sequence to fall back on, I can’t thank you enough for that.

Well, I just wanted to check in and share my news. I’ll keep in touch with how things go.

Lots of love, and namaste,