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Dancing Warrior Yoga

Alignment and Assists Workshop

With Mathew Bergan : Dates TBC


This workshop is open to all people wanting to deepen their knowledge on the principles of alignment and hands-on assists.

When starting out on your teaching pathway it can be overwhelming choosing the best way to adjust students during both easy and complex postures. The workshop will focus on how to assist students safely and effectively, enabling them to experience optimal alignment and correct postural placement.

It will also help you to deepen your own understanding of asana practice and how the law of physics effect each posture. When performed correctly, adjustments can transform your students yoga experience by increasing the kinaesthetic awareness within their body. This awareness then facilitates the embodiment of postures without any risk of injury to the student or the teacher.

This is a  ‘hands-on” intensive designed to explore  tricky adjustment circumstances through partnering exercises and role play.

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Cost $170 for all DWY teacher graduates
$190 General Public

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