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A Monumental Yoga Triumph!

jason birch

Dr. Jason Birch and Jacqueline Hargreaves

Fantastic news!

You may remember international yogis Dr. Jason Birch and Jacqui Hargreaves from our Film Night and History of Hatha Yoga presentation last winter. They also held successful, sold out workshops on Pranayama and Yin Yoga and Mindfulness here at the school.

Jason has secured a grant from the European Research Council (ERC) for 1.8 million euro to fund four full-time research positions for 5 years on the history and practice of yoga at London University. This groundbreaking project commences in September 2015 and is the largest and most ambitious research programme on the history of yoga to be funded.

Your kind contribution to our educational fundraising events last year helped raise over $1200 – enabling Jason and Jacqui to continue their academic research, leading to the success of this grant application.

This project allows the four scholars to visit Jodhpur, India for 3 months of each year, where the project plans to establish a research centre at the Royal Library which holds the largest collection of yoga manuscripts (yet to be translated from Sanksrit) in the world!

We are thrilled for Jason and Jacqui’s success in securing this monumental triumph for the historical study of yoga. Watch this space for updates on the development of this big, bold and audacious project!

history of hatha yoga

The history of Hatha Yoga

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