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Dancing Warrior Yoga

200 hours Online Teacher Training

Alignment and Assist Yoga

Take the plunge into self study and physical embodiment through the ancient teachings of asana and yoga philosophy.

Our transformational program is delivered to you over 16 weeks by senior teacher Mathew Bergan and requires the maximum of 20 hours per week of home study, including the daily asana classes.

Daily Asana Sessions
Including optional dynamic Embodiment and Flow or Gentle Yin & Restore. You are required to practice one class per day, at your leisure, (duration one hour). Every second Saturday you are required to join a 75 minute live session with Mathew Bergan, to discuss the weeks physical discoveries and posture energetics.

Practice Your Teaching Skills (via Zoom) with a partner from your course.
Each week you will learn more of the Dancing Warrior Yoga set sequence of postures. This sequence, crafted by master teacher Mathew Bergan, becomes your teaching backbone, and will see you graduate with an intelligent, safe and fun sequence to teach to your friends, family and work colleagues. Many of our successful students commence their teaching journey with this set sequence of postures, teaching it in gyms and yoga studios as their “go to,”embodiment & flow class. With your class partner, you’ll virtually practice teaching this sequence together, (maximum 3 hours per week), giving & receiving guidance and friendly feedback, helping each other to evolve into confident and knowledgeable yoga teachers.

Self Led Study in Yoga Philosophy
Each week the course content will ask you to apply yoga philosophy to your life, making the practice of yoga a lived experiential journey, outside of the body work, which for most of us is the first door we enter when falling in love with yoga for the first time. There will also be maximum 3 hours, depending on the week, of self led study and assessment.

Theory and Class Lectures 
Each week you explore maximum of four hours of pre-recorded class lectures. Each class is accompanied by small quizzes based upon general knowledge to help strengthen your understanding of the class material.  Lectures include intelligent sequencing, asana’s fundamental principles, applied anatomy and physiology, the 5 categories of yoga postures, teaching skills, yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation and chanting.

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