Dancing Warrior Yoga

Sacred Psoas Workshop with Mathew Bergan

Mathew Bergan

Back by popular demand. This workshop was a successful hit at Wanderlust 108, Sydney 2017

Learn how to recruit deep pelvic hip flexor muscles that unite you legs with your torso and form the bedrock of core awareness. The psoas muscles affect your posture and help to stabilize your spine. Tight or short psoas muscles can result in lower back pain and hip discomfort. Healthy psoas muscles are vital to anyone’s structural and psychological well-being, because of their connection to the diaphragm – your breath and the base chakras.

The connections between the psoas muscle and the diaphragm literally connect your ability to walk, run and breathe, and also how you respond to stress, fear and excitement.

During this yoga clinic you will experience dynamic yoga postures, restorative bodywork, free form movement and ancient breathing techniques designed to liberate the pelvis. Warning this workshop might result in a better sex life.