Dancing Warrior Yoga

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Arm Balance Masterclass with Lars Skalman

Arm balances are a fantastic way to develop strength in the body and the mind. They allow us to face our fears and break free from limiting self beliefs that prevent us from living with full potential.

Join Lars for a three-hour workshop during which you will learn various techniques to develop confidence, grace and ease whilst practising arm balances. The session is open to anyone, no matter their level of (in)experience.

You will learn how to safely build up to a variety of arm balance postures including Bakasana (Crane), Eka Hasta Bhujasana (elephant), Astavakrasana (8 limbed pose), Tittibhasana (firefly), Parsva Bakasana (side crane) & Eka Pada Koundinyasana.


Lars Skalman completed the Dancing Warrior Teacher Training Course to complement his already broad and extensive experience and knowledge of Hatha-based yoga. Previously, he undertook training to teach Ki yoga at Zen Renaissance Healing Centre. Having taught in Sydney for the past twelve years, Lars has always sought to deepen his understanding of this exciting and challenging discipline. Along with Cate Peterson he runs Seasonal Yoga Treats, which aims to acquaint yoga students and fellow teachers with wyas to harness the energy of specific meridians to help balance and nurture oneself.