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Anthropic Skin

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Anthropic Skin Launch at Dancing Warrior – 11th September 2015


Matt and Clare from Dancing Warrior Yoga have teamed up to create Anthropic Skin — An ethical, boutique, designer active-wear collaboration.

You can purchase from our range either at the studio (card or cash sales accepted) on online via our website.

Read more about Anthropic Skin active-wear below:

Our Mission: To supply you with sensational, unique, high quality, locally sourced and ethically manufactured active-wear. Perfect for yoga, running, cycling, gym-wear & street wear.
anthropic skin

Anthropology: the study of humanity past and present!
Anthropic Skin is the new and exciting canvas to capture the rise and fall of human expression throughout history, starting from Sydney’s Inner West.
Whether art, music, dance, graffiti or song, Anthropic Skin was born to capture human traces and fragments through time and space — be they bold and beautiful or ugly and awkward.
At the heart of Anthropic Skin lies our curious passion towards capturing human culture. From ancient temples and tombs, from ghettos to gutters, we will bring you a new way to see the world looking through the colourful lens of curiosity and gratitude. Armed with our Iphones and the mind of an inquisitive alien, we like to snap away at crumbling old paint, urban textures, awkward patterns, old signage, street parties, dancing divas and angry protestors venting their rage.
How did Anthropic Skin come about?
Anthropic Skin is the creative lovechild of Clare Lovelace and Mathew Bergan who reside in Sydney’s Inner West.
The designs of our unique active-wear have been inspired by the vibrant bohemian culture of the Inner West where the streets and walls are alive with colour and the community is passionate and outspoken. With its buskers, street graffiti murals, kooky clothing and quirky businesses the Inner West is one-of-a-kind!
Like all cool things there is a price — everyone wants a piece of the pie, including the greedy developers! Newtown’s popularity has meant the creative locals are now being squeezed out of housing market and the area is at risk of becoming gentrified. Big and fast motorways will soon be bulldozing their way through the tight knit communities and colourful families. Darling old creative warehouses are at risk of being converted into soulless housing solutions. The beat of the music pushed further underground. With the artist gone, sadly there may be no colour or expression to inspire the people anymore
Must all things change or come to an end? Anthropic Skin remembers the now, the way things are perfectly imperfect!